First Impressions: The Modern Vegan



The location? Unassuming. The atmosphere? Fun and classy AF. The menu? INSANE.


After over two months of being teased with the eventual opening of Las Vegas’ very first 100% plant-based breakfast/brunch spot, the day finally came. Best believe I was there for grand opening weekend, first chance I got.

And holy crap- it’s everything I’ve ever wanted. If you didn’t know- breakfast is my favorite meal. Ever. Forever and ever. So it’s fair that I was more than a little intimidated by the truly massive restaurant menu. Any indecisive vegan would be.

I have never seen such a massive, diverse vegan menu ANYWHERE.

Why oh why couldn’t my stomach be about 40 times bigger to accommodate every menu item??? #struggles

The menu is a vegan foodie’s wet dream, featuring everything from animal-free spins on comfort food classics, such as ‘ ‘Baked Mac N Cheese’- served in a skillet and drowned in cheese and bacon with a panko crust topping;  over ELEVEN different burgers including ‘The Buffalo’- breaded & deep-fried chik’n with spring mix, avo + tomato, and smothered in house buffalo sauce and chipotle mayo; as well as everything from indulgent milkshakes, to Acai bowls, to every soup your little vegan heart desires.

My friends and I went for breakfast and expected the place to be slammed (given their absolutely packed Grand Opening just a few days prior) but arrived early enough to beat the Sunday brunch rush, so our service was prompt!

With breakfast options like ‘Steak and V’Eggs’, ‘Biscuits and Gravy’, ‘V’Eggs Florentine’, and eight flavor options of Pancakes, Crepes, & Waffles, it was impossible to feel like anything was lacking.

Up close n’ personal with the BEST Chik’n Waffles I’ve ever had

We pretty much had a waffle party- 3 out of the 4 in our group got a waffle dish! I couldn’t help but try the ‘Chik’n Waffles’- I’m a sucker for savory + sweet and have had it at two other places. The Modern Vegan’s version took the (vegan) cake. Not only were the waffles as huge and fluffy as butts, they sandwiched a massive piece of breaded chik’n AND bacon AND rested atop a bed of mashed potatoes. Dare I say, perfection?? And impossible to finish in one go. Trust me, I tried.

The oh-so-gorgeous Gia Waffles
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The Fit Bitch: Scrambled broc, sauteed spinach, & grilled chik’n with a side of fruit
Aren’t these Apollo Waffles a dream?

Truly, none of us were able to finish our breakfasts, so it was to-go boxes all around. As I write this, I’m imagining grabbing those leftovers out of the fridge and stuffing my face a lil more.

I already can’t wait to go back- though I can’t imagine how long it’d take to make my way through the overwhelming insanity that is The Modern Vegan’s menu. My recommendation? Go with a few friends that don’t mind sharing bites of their meals (though with food this good, it’s hard to imagine that happening so easily).

Overall, I’m stoked not only that Vegas finally has a dedicated breakfast/brunch joint, but also that it’s really. damn. good.



Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!

And find The Modern Vegan here: